Calendar of Events

The Events Calendar on lists educational courses, meetings, and events of interest to industrial hygienists. The Events Calendar will list information only from the following sources:

  • Government agencies
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Colleges and universities
  • AIHA advertisers, exhibitors, and sponsors

​Each organization is limited to 5 event listings in any 12-month period.

If non-profit organizations and universities would like AIHA to consider posting their event on our calendar, please contact Sue Marchese, and the request will be considered.

Current Events​​​​

Webinar7/25/20185/25/2018EMLab P&K
Webinar8/8/20188/8/2018EMLab P&K
Virtual campaign, with organizational partner events across the country8/13/20188/19/2018OSHA
Chicago, Il8/18/20188/21/2018ASAE
Hanoi, Vietnam9/10/20186/12/2018
Arvada, Colorado9/11/20189/12/2018
Oak Ridge, TN9/11/20189/11/2018
Oak Ridge, TN9/12/20189/12/2018
Niagara Falls, Ontario9/16/20189/19/2018CSSE
Washington D.C.9/21/20189/23/2018AIHA
Washington, DC9/22/20189/26/2018AIHA
Ann Arbor, MI9/24/20189/28/2018University of Michigan
Washington D.C.9/27/20189/29/2018PSS
Morgantown, West Virginia10/16/201810/18/2018NOIRS
Kuala Lumpur10/22/201810/25/2018
Washington, DC10/25/201810/26/2018ASTM
Atlanta, Georgia1/14/20191/16/2019IAQA
San Diego, CA1/18/20191/18/2019
Cape Coral, FL1/28/20191/29/2019
Falls Church, Va2/24/20192/24/2019