IH Professional Pathway Task Force Call for Volunteers

Join the IH Professional Pathway Task Force!


AIHA's Professional Pathway™ program for industrial hygienists (IH) was created from a desire to align Association resources and development opportunities with the various career levels of the profession. The resulting program encourages and supports the attainment of credentials such as certifications and registrations.  The development of the IH Professional Pathway™ is an ongoing process and involves many committees, groups, and professionals within AIHA. The purpose of the task force is to provide guidance and subject matter expertise about the IH career path and the needs at various career levels.

Learn more about the IH Professional Pathway​.  

Volunteer nominations will be accepted until close of business on Friday, September 1, 2017. To sign up, simply fill out and submit the form below.

For more information or questions, please contact Mary Ellen Brennan, Managing Director, Talent & Strategy.


  • Works in conjunction with the AIHA staff liaison, M​ary Ellen Brennan, as needed to provide subject ​matter expertise.

  • Initial work may include definition of education needs during Level 2 (period of time between graduation and eligibility for the CIH credential), plans and strategic goals for this project for 2018, and review of documents and marketing collateral related to new IH Professional Pathway content.
  • Past work has included defining a new Level 5, Emeritus Professional, for those nearing or at retirement from the profession, and an offshoot from the path for those pursuing a technical rather than managerial career.

TIME COMMITMENT = MINIMAL (Conference calls scheduled as needed based on availability of participants.)


  • AIHA member in goo​d standing.

  • Dedication to the promotion and support of the IH profession.
  • Knowledge of the requirements at various career levels in the profession.
  • Previous volunteer experience, ideally with Career & Employment Services, Student & Early Career Professionals or Mentoring & Development committees, a plus.
  • A commitment to the time required to serve.
  • A commitment to diversity and incl​usiveness.  Ultimately, we would like to have a diversity of career levels represented on the task force.​