Students and Early Career Professionals

Building the Next Generation of Industrial Hygienists

AIHA is committed to reaching out to young professionals pursuing careers in industrial hygiene and other occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) professions. Whether you're a student exploring the field of industrial hygiene or a young professional recently starting your professional journey, AIHA will be there for you. 

AIHA Student / Young Member Focused Programs   

IH Professional Pathway

AIHA's IH Professional PathwayTM program for industrial hygienists was created from a desire to align Association resources and ​development opportunities with the various career levels of the profession. The resulting program encourages and s​​​upports the attainment of credentials such as certifications and registrations. To learn more about the program visit the IH Professional Pathway Center.


Take advantage of CareerAdvantage—AIHA's free online job board that connects IH/OH professionals with employers across all industries. Employers can post internship opportunities at CareerAdvante for Free.
In addition to hosting your résumé, CareerAdvantage also offers a variety of resources and services to help with career development needs such as résumé writing, career coaching, and industry salary information. Get started now. 

Future Leaders Institute

Designed for young professionals with less than 15 years of work experience. The Institute is a two and a half day program that focuses on strengthening the leadership skills of young IH professionals. 

Mentoring Program
Having a mentor is like having a road map for your career. Learn how a mentor in the industrial hygiene profession can help you climb the ladder to success. 
Outreach Resources
Many opportunities exist for members to visit schools and deliver presentations on industrial hygiene topics or the profession in general. Potential audiences include a number of student groups: K-12, community college, undecided or basic science undergraduates, undergraduates in IH/EHS programs, or graduate student​s in IH/EHS. Feel free to use any of the following outreach materials at our Outreach Resource Center.   
Safety Matters
The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) are proud to present Safety Matters, a program to raise awareness among young people about workplace safety and health and to provide an understanding of the skills they need to become active participants in creating safe and healthy work environments. The materials presented in this module are based on a full curriculum from NIOSH, Talking Safety. To learn more about the program visit Safety Matters Center
Scholarships via AIHF

The mission of the American Industrial Hygiene Foundation (AIHF) is to advance the profession by awarding scholarship​​​s for students in industrial hygiene and re​lated disciplines, and funding training/professional development opportunities for industrial hygienists in the first 15 years of their professional careers in industrial hygiene and related disciplines.  To learn more about scholarships and eligibility requirements visit AIHF.    

Sponsorship to AIHce 

As an AIHA Student Member or Young Professional Member, you are leading the next generation of industrial and occupational hygienists. AIHA is behind you 100%, offering you opportunities to expand your knowledge and network. To ensure your success, AIHA will sponsor up to five Student or Young Professional Members to attend AIHce. The sponsorship includes complimentary conference registration, round-trip coach airfare, and hotel accommodations for four nights at one of the conference hotels. Applications are being accepted now through March 15. Be sure to read the application and eligibility requirements carefully before you submit, apply today!  

Students & Early Career Professionals (SECP) Committee 

The committee’s purpose is to engage students at various educational levels, and apprise them of opportunities available in the OEHS industry; provide opportunities for students to learn more about their chosen area of study; and promote interaction between students and professionals in the field of OEHS. 

Student Local Sections

Participation in an AIHA student local section is one of the primary paths to association leadership and is an excellent way for interested students to get active in the association and the industrial hygiene profession. If there is no student local section at your college or university, encourage faculty and students to begin one. Lead the way for a new IH community at your school by accessing the Student Local Section Implementation Kit. 

Student Local Sections Council

The Student Local Sections Council's purpose is to develop and enhance student local sections by fostering the development of leadership skills within the students and strengthening the connection of student local sections to AIHA. 

Student Teleweb Loan Program

Archived CDs are available to AIHA student members or AIHA academic members for use in the classroom. Students and professors are invited to borrow archived telewebs for up to two weeks.

Student and Early Career Videos



AIHA Students and Early Career Professionals

This video highlights AIHA’s student and young member-focused programs, including the Students and Early Career Professionals Committee, Future Leaders Institute, and resources provided by AIHA Local Sections. The video features interviews with AIHA members Carter Ficklen III, CIH, CSP; Perry Logan, PhD, CIH; and David C. Roskelley, MSPH, CIH, CSP, who discuss their involvement and experiences as young professionals in these programs. To learn more about AIHA’s resources for students and young professionals, e-mail Thursa La. ​

AIHA IH Video from AIHA on Vimeo.

Industrial Hygiene: An Exciting Career Protecting People in the Workplace and the Community (video)

The video was developed through the generous support of the AIHA Board of Directors and with the input of a number of students and industrial hygiene professionals from industry, academia and government. It is a tool used to introduce students to the many possibilities of a career in industrial hygiene. The video, which is primarily aimed at college students with an interest in science, high school students and career and guidance counselors, emphasizes the diversity and interest of the field, its focus on helping people, and the ways industrial hygienists make a difference in the world. ​